Minelab Safari Metal Detector Review

Minelab Safari is probably one of Minelab’s best sellers over the years and there are many reasons why.

Last updated 2020-11-27. Product details from Amazon PA-API. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Safari uses FBS (Full band spectrum) technology, meaning this powerful detector can use a full band of 28 frequencies, simultaneously! This technology allows the Safari to go deeper, more accuracy and to be far more sensitive.

Just by looking at this metal detector you can see that it means business and is a serious piece of kit.

It is a bit heavier than your standard detector and some people opt to purchase a harness to help distribute it’s weight and decrease fatigue. It weighs approximately 1.8kg with the batteries.

The Safari comes in 5 parts and the initial assembly of the machine can be done with ease and speed. There is two parts of the shaft, lower and upper. You then have the coil, the control box and an arm strap.

Height can be adjusted by extending or decreasing the shaft length. 43″ to a maximum of 54″ allowing you to set the Minelab up based on your height and comfort preferences.

You’re going to need 8 x AA batteries so I would highly recommend investing in a battery charger and some good quality rechargeable batteries to save on future costs.

There is a soft sponge padding on the forearm clip and again on the shaft where you take hold of the detector.

You’ve a standard port for a headphone jack but also a built in speaker.

The control Box of the Minelab Safari as can be seen in the image is perhaps at first a little overwhelming however do not be alarmed by this once you’ve figured it out it’s actually rather straight forward.

Last updated 2020-11-27. Product details from Amazon PA-API. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The digital display is clear and well laid out. The minelab Safari LCD screen displays a target identification number, depth indicator, battery level indicator and the mode you are currently in. There’s also target identification icons displayed. I’m not going to lie these can be a little inaccurate at times.

There are 11 buttons. These include power on or off button, pinpoint mode, the menu and navigation buttons, accept or reject, noise and mode buttons.

Minelab’s Safari metal detector comes preset with 4 modes. Coin mode, relic mode, coin & jewellery and all metal thus allowing the user to switch on the machine and get straight to hunting.

You’re not limited to the preset modes, delve a little deeper into the menus and settings and you’ll find the option to create your very own custom search mode. Allowing you to fine tune your hunt.

Although the Minelab Safari is a more high end machine targeting the more experienced detectorist even as a beginner you’re going to find the Safari pretty simple to operate. So if you’ve got a budget that will stretch and you’re a beginner the Minelab Safari is going to be a contender when deciding what to purchase.

So let’s talk about the power of this machine, what she can do and what features she includes!

As I mentioned earlier the Safari runs on FBS starting from 1.5khz all the way through to 100khz. This technology is quite rare on metal detectors and allows the machine to run in 28 different frequencies. It’s proven to add depth, accuracy and more sensitivity to the machine. A very welcomed technology in my eyes.

Pinpoint mode is there, if you don’t know what the pinpoint feature is for then simply put it allows the user, when pressed to use the centre of the coil to pinpoint the exact location of the target in the hole. Once you get a good signal by pressing the pinpoint mode and going over the area it will give you a far more detailed location.

Trash density, High & Low trash density options. The high option is perfect for when you’re out on a trashy permission/land it increases the machines capability of identifying a good target when surrounded by trash targets. The low option is for clean land. Increasing the machines depth capabilities and much more accurate target identification readings.

As standard The Minelab Safari comes with an 11 inch DD search coil, which is fully waterproof and submersible. Unfortunately the control box is not.

Performance wise you will find many positive reviews and many loyal owners of the Minelab Safari.

This is a machine which offers value for money, a variety of powerful and useful features and will never let you down. You don’t have to be a pro to own a Minelab Safari both beginners and advanced users will benefit from this very powerful metal detector.

I highly recommend this machine.

Minelab Safari Pro’s & Con’s

Depth capabilitiesNot fully waterproof
Trash discriminationA little heavy
Powerful machine for both beginners and advanced detectorists
Multi frequencies

Minelab Safari Technical specifications.

FrequencyMultiple 1.5 - 100khz
Detecting modes4 preset - 4 custom
Discrimination51 segments
Ground BalanceYes auto and custom
Trash densityYes Low & High
Sensitivity adjustmentYes auto and manual
ThresholdAdjustable 0 - 40
Batteries8 x AA
Weight1.8kgs (with batteries)
Length43" - 54"
Warranty3 Years control box & coil

Minelab Safari Video’s

An introduction to the Minelab Safari video

Minelab Safari in action

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